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    Best of Gluten Free @ KERB Camden

    When it comes to street food markets in London, there’s a lot of them. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing, but it does make choosing between them all quite…

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    Pieminister Go Gluten Free

    One of my first memories of Pieminister is a trip to Borough Market. Many years ago, back in the gluten hay-day, when these guys were new on the scene, I’d popped…

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    Gluten Free Fried Chicken @ BIRD

    Praise London for this beautiful weather! So happy that summer has finally arrived. For a visit to BIRD to get stuck into some fried chicken, our weather was a little different.…

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    Summer Festival Picks

    When it comes to festivals, every year I base where I visit on the music. In my mind it’s always been the most important thing. Jumping from stage to stage to…

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    “How was New York?”, I’m asked as soon as I’m back in a very rainy London. Most of my responses usually go something like this: “I didn’t want to come back.…

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    Blogging Reviews

    Port Pairings for Paps

    If your Dad is anything like mine, he’s impossible to buy for. Literally impossible. I’ll ask for ideas for Christmas and birthday, and I get the same, “I don’t know.”  When…

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    Gluten Free Meet @ Camden Market

    Last month I organised a gluten free blogger meet up. It was about time. It’s always great to get fellow bloggers together, and after the success of our #fdbloggersmeet in summer…

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    Eating out 10 times in 6 days…

    And on the seventh day, God rested. As I lay in bed on a Sunday morning, I realise there’s no food in the fridge. It’s raining, again and I don’t fancy moving.…