Hello and welcome to GF Sesh!

Previously know as lorileysesh.com, I thought it was about time this blog had a proper gluten free name to suit it’s purpose – to prove to myself and others that free from doesn’t mean boring!

At the start of 2014, I discovered I could no longer eat gluten. I’d been ill for a long time and couldn’t piece it together. I was tired a lot, experiencing bad stomach aches, would often feel ill after eating and would regularly have an upset stomach. It got to the point when I would get worried about eating out or spoiling the evening. As someone who loved their food, this was extremely frustrating.

Speaking to the doctor about my symptoms, I was tested for coeliac disease, which thankfully came back negative, but the doctor seemed otherwise baffled. When I suggested a potential food allergy or intolerance, he laughed. Frustrated I wasn’t getting any answers, I decided to cut out gluten and see what happened.  Within weeks I saw a massive improvement. Of course I slipped up when I forgot to read the back of a packet, and often let things slip, but it would eventually catch up with me. Now within half an hour of accidentally eating gluten, I’ll know about it!

Feeling a million times better, I decided this wasn’t something for the short term, this was long term. I looked into food alternatives and began to use this blog as a way of recording everything. I’m not a fan of following recipes myself and like to play with flavours , so jotting things down totally made sense. Now I love nothing more than sharing gluten free recipes and findings, in hope that some other people in my position two years ago may not be so overwhelmed with what they can eat.

“Part of the balance of life lies in understanding that different days require different ways of eating.” – Nigella Lawson

I truly believe in the famous ‘a good balance’ in terms of what you can eat, and this recent Nigella quote totally encompasses this. The way I cook and create recipes, I like to take the healthiest approach I can. A good balance of vegetables, fresh meat and all important carbs to keep you running. But some days everyone deserves a slice of cake or a sweet treat. One day I’ll be all over veggies, not even realising I haven’t eaten any meat, but others I’ll fancy a nothing more than a burger. As long as across the week you’re balanced, I see no problem in treating yourself.

Since 2014, this space has been totally gluten free, so it was about time it had a name that reflected that. I’ll be continue to share gluten free recipes, both lighter and more indulgent for those little treats along with my favourite gluten free products, and restaurants that have stood out from the crowd in terms of approaching free from. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to lorileysesh.com, but all the recipes are still here, just in a more logical and visual way, and with a name that reflects that. Say hello to GF Sesh. I hope you like it!

Loriley x

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