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It’s safe to say the amount of gluten free food has sky rocked in the last year or two. Take us back this time last year and I was saying the same thing, but a year on and it just keeps gaining momentum. The sheer range of gluten free food available has come on leaps in bounds, and the understanding so many supermarkets, restaurants and small business have is so encouraging. 

Supermarkets are hugely to thank for this. Aisles have tripled in size, and even smaller supermarkets are stocking free from basics. In the gluten free community we get seriously hyped about a new seeded farmhouse loaf, a new range of packet sarnie, the arrival of donuts – something others will never understand. 

I know from speaking to coeliacs who were diagnosed many years ago, that this hasn’t always been the case. We may base the flux of gluten free food on ‘trends’ and ‘the media’, but the number of those suffering with coeliac disease are just as strong as ever, so it’s right we’re finally represented in supermarkets. 

I like to document all my findings via Instagram, and here in this blog, and it’s thanks to the incredible gluten free community online that we can pass such helpful information on to each other. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not noting down a new spot to try or new product to pick up. 

Dry, crumbling, sugar filled alternatives are just not going to cut it. Especially when you have so many brilliant people out there striving for the best taste. Just because it’s gluten free, doesn’t mean it tastes bad. As a lover of food, I’m determined to prove this, and hate the snarky responses that come from mentioning gluten free. 

I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve seen throughout the last week for Coeliac Awareness Week. 3 for 2 offers, new products, summer ranges. The more convenient food can become the better. I don’t often do product posts like this, but after I find them so helpful to read on other blogs, I thought I’d create a round up.

So here’s my little list of all the great products I’ve come across this year so far:

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Borough 22
Available from: Selfridges + multiple cafes across London

Now you know I love these guys, and they’re not new, but I couldn’t not mention them, especially with it just being Donut Week ’n all. Ryan’s allergy free donuts (free from all the top allergens including gluten, dairy, nuts and egg), they’ve growing from strength to strength. New flavours have hit – think PB, coffee and chocolate versions of my favourite pink raspberry flavour. 

You can pick Borough 22 up at lots of local cafes across South London, Selfridges, via their website, and most recently at a pop up at Box Park (which has sadly finished now). You may have also spotted these donuts on Sunday Brunch – Jack Antonoff even said they were his favourite of all the donuts they tried that morning for Donut Week, and I have to agree. 

You can find a full list of stockists here.


White Rabbit Pizza
Available from: Planet Organic

First of all, is this not the best pizza name ever? White Rabbit Pizza are 100% gluten free, with multiple flavours to suit everyone. Loaded with either meat, veggies, goats cheese, VEGAN cheese –  you name it they have it. I first tried their pizzas last year and fell in love, so was thrilled when they sent me more of their range to try.

These pizzas are the perfect thickness, and with a tasty base that’s easily the best ‘supermarket’ pizza I’ve had. It seems everyone else agrees, as they’ve won three big awards:

PAPA Industry Awards 2016 – Winner in the Innovative Pizza Category
Free From Food Awards 2016 – Winner in the Pasta & Pizza Category
Lunch! Innovation Challenge 2015 – Winner of the Most Innovative Product

My favourite so far is the margherita. You just can’t beat it. And when margherita tastes great, you KNOW you’ve got a great gluten free base!


Tesco’s New Free From Ready Meal Range
Available from: Tesco

Now I’m not one for ready meals – I’d much rather cook something form scratch when I can, but we all lead busy lives, and sometimes it isn’t possible. I rely a lot on M&S ready meals to grab when I’m working late and heading home at the station, but I was proper chuffed to see some new additions to the Tesco range.

These two caught my eye in particular. When you can’t eat gluten, Chinese is pretty much a no go, so Sweet & Sour Chicken was a must! The chicken is also breaded for an added bonus. The Prawn Singapore Noodles reminded me of a slight ‘Katsu Curry’ flavour, and so different to any other free from ready meal I’ve tried.

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Don Rita
Available from: Druid Street Market, Bermondsey 

What’s even more delicious than finding fluffy gluten free dough balls? Discovering they have have squidgy cheese in the middle. 

When these guys dropped me an email about their new product, I couldn’t get my hands on them quick enough. A traditional Brazilian snack that’s naturally gluten free and has just arrived the UK, thanks to Rita and her family.

These little pretties are made with cassava flour and fresh cheese, naturally without any wheat or gluten. Pao de Queijo is a staple snack at most cafes in Brazil, so when coeliac founder Clara first tried them when her boyfriend’s Mum Rita baked a batch, she knew others had to try them.

All the last week they have been on sale at Old Street Station, but you can also find them at Druid Street Market, Bermondsey every week. Just pop them in the oven for 20mins and they’re the perfect snack. Just try not to eat them in one sitting! 



Gluten Free Maize Couscous
Available from: Tesco

Tesco have recently relaunched their gluten free range, and when you head to a Superstore it’s actually mind boggling how much they have to offer. I don’t think I’ve had couscous for over three years. I just always forget to look for a gluten free alternative. When these were on the 3for2 free from offer, I thought I’d give them a go.

Every Sunday my housemate and I will always make a Sunday roast with a roast chicken, as they’re so economical and last a good few days. With the weather turning starting warmer, we thought we’d mix things up with gf couscous, fresh olives and a big salad. I simple cooked the couscous as you would could typical couscous, boiling with a pinch of stock for flavour and added some dry herbs. It reminded my how much I missed the stuff, and with summer on the way, I’m definitely going to be make big salads with couscous every weekend.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 21.48.51

Eat ‘n’ Mess Cookies
Available from: Broadway Market, London Fields 

I don’t think these need much explaining. Look at that sweet sweet filling. Two large gluten free cookies sandwiching sweet cream, it’s enough to leave you shaking with a sugar rush, but they taste insanely good. These guys are found at Broadway Market, London Fields every Saturday. Their whole bakery is gluten free, as is all their products, but signs for GF are relatively small, so keep your eyes peeled. Try not to eat them all in one setting. Attempt to restrain yourself and keep half for later.

Olive & Rosemary Gluten Free Bread
Available from: Artisan GF Bakery, Islington

I had an excitement overload recently when I posted about this bread on Insta recently. There’s not many great gluten free breads out there, but I always rave about these guys. A 100% gluten free bakery in Islington, I picked up some of their loaves from the GF Street Food Festival in Limehouse a few weeks ago. It’s so hard to find a trusty gluten free bread, but this one I can’t fault. Bacon sarnie love <3

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Free From Garlic Bread
Available from: Tesco

I’ve read about the garlic bread from Tesco and heard brilliant things. It won big in the Free From Awards in the bread category, and isn’t only gluten free, but milk and egg free too. My housemate and I had the best Saturday, making a homemade GF lasagna, with a garlic bread baguette and fresh olives to start. It was the dream.

I can honestly see why these guys won big – it tastes no different from a standard garlic bread baguette! Even Emma, who isn’t gluten free, thought it taste like a standard gluten-packed one. With the perfect start to our evening, who used GF lasagna sheets and lay unable to move for a good few hours. I’m going to have to stock my freezer up with these for weekend treats in the future.


*This post was written in collaboration with Tesco for their campaign to raise awareness for Coeliac Awareness Week. As always all opinions on all products are my own. 

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