Gluten Free Fried Chicken @ BIRD


Praise London for this beautiful weather! So happy that summer has finally arrived.

For a visit to BIRD to get stuck into some fried chicken, our weather was a little different. Whilst festival goers embraced torrential rain,  instead I opted for an evening in Shoreditch with Elfie (my NYC partner in crime). It’s funny when you see each other intensely every day for a week and you don’t get sick of each other. Two weeks without her though seemed odd, so it was nice to be reunited over cocktails and some good grub.

After meeting at Shoreditch High Street overground, a short 15 minute tube ride from my flat, we headed to the infamous BIRD, a small chain of fried chicken restaurants, this one being just on the Kingsland Road.


Hold the phone, I hear you say. Fried chicken? Yes sir. ACTUAL FRIED CHICKEN. My first fried chicken since KFC (in the gluten hey-day), and my God was I excited.

Glancing at the menu, it’s not totally obvious this chicken is gluten free, but at the very corner you’ll see a note mentioning all the chicken is made from gluten free ingredients(!!!) Big news! If I was BIRD I’d be shouting this from the rooftops! Instead the crispy coating is made from a base of rice flour.


Having a quick natter to catch up, we ordered two Tequila Breezes, naturally pretending we were still living the high life in New York.

Soon after a waiter came over to talk through the menu. It turns out lots of the sides were gluten free too, so I was soon eyeing up the slaw and corn and jalapeño pudding (what an invention I tell you!) which could be gf by removing the breadcrumbs. Que excited facial expressions from yours truly.

The corn pudding was a particular winner, and nowhere as spicy as I’d first thought. If you’re anything like me and can’t handle spice, the jalapeño kick is only very mild, and instead the dish reminded me more of a creamy mac and cheese. Just sub out the mac for corn.


In terms of the chips, although without the seasoning didn’t contain any gluten containing ingredients, it’s worth noting they are cooked in the same oil as something else on the menu that contains breadcrumbs. A coeliac friend of mine who has also visited recently, had these and was completely fine, but to be safe, I avoided. 


The chicken was absolutely perfect and just as I remember good fried, crispy chicken to be. We went for four legs/thighs in a honey and ginger glaze (epic choice if you’re a fan of these two flavours), which were a good balance of crispy and sticky. To accompany, we gave the wings a whirl too, opting for the buttermilk dip, which I liked, but that glaze has my vote for sure.

 A big thank you to BIRD for inviting us down. When ever I’m in need of a fried chicken fix, I’ll definitely be back. And that’s no doubt going to be pretty soon!

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