Beyond Bread Opens in Angel, Islington


If you haven’t been to Beyond Bread before, you need to go. One of the first 100% gluten free bakeries in London, this place is seriously heaven.

Beyond Bread was born in Charlotte Place, off Charlotte Street, close to Tottenham Court Road and as of today (Monday July 11th), has a new home and a new branch – Angel, Islington.


Rows of thick baguettes filled with a variety of fillings, fluffy pastries, large fruit filled muffins, freshly baked loaves, you name it this place has it. As the bakery is 100% gluten free, this is a totally coeliac safe zone. Let me tell you, it’s difficult to pass by without popping in for pastries or lunchtime baguette or toastie.

Last week I was lucky enough to visit the launch party at the new bakery to sample some of the delicious baked goods and see where the opening could be found.


Directly between Angel and Highbury and Islington stations on Upper Street, the area is packed with bakeries at every glance, but not the gluten free variety. Funnily enough however, it shares a street with another gluten free bakery, The Artisan GF Bakery, who also sell gorgeous fluffy loaves. Hopefully they can live together in harmony.


Anyway, let’s get down to business. The food. On arrival we had the choice of wine, bubbles or even a bottle of gluten free beer. Walking further down the airy bakery with countless cubbies of seats, we found a huge table full of gluten free canapés. Eyes wide, as you can imagine, I circled the table taking in each of the dishes. 

It was difficult not to try one of each sample; research right? From baguette samples, to mini sandwich canapés, mini red velvet cupcakes and huge pieces of chocolate fudge cake, I filled my boots. I took along a non gluten free friend with me, who couldn’t believe the canapés were GF! She kept commenting on how soft the bread was, and had quite a few cakes. I was totally in agreement, and have always been really impressed with the baked goods at Beyond Bread. It’s reassuring to hear they don’t taste any different to standard bread – sometimes it’s easy to forget what standard bread actually tastes like!


We tried canapé versions of –

  • Sandwiches/baguettes – Beefeater, Wild Thing, For Goat’s Sake, Spring Break, The Cure.
  • Plus chocolate and almond cake, mini red velvet cupcakes, and matcha and almond financiers.


At usual press/blogger events, I always accept I probably won’t be eating, especially when it’s a buffet – we can’t be gambling with that now can we!  But for one of the first times, it was brilliant to be able to fill a plate without a second thought or a double check. As much as I’m more than happy to visit an eatery that has a separate gluten free menu and is totally in the know, it is lovely every now and then to pop to a place where no questions need be asked.

Looking on, letting you eyes do the choosing and opting for something you truly fancy, without the worry there’s been any kind of confusion of your request.


As to the usual menu, you really are spoilt for choice. From morning to throughout the day, pick up a variety of pastries, cakes, sandwiches, toasties, baguettes and even quiches. Their brunch menu, should you want to pop in for a sit down snack, consists of typical egg and avocado dishes, but also, wait for it… WAFFLES! I need to get myself back for these! A perfect excuse to pop back to the Angel branch now it’s official opened. Especially with it’s gorgeous outdoor seating area.

A huge congratulations to Beyond Bread on their new bakery, and making it that bit easier to grab some good quality gluten free baked goods. I really do miss them!

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    Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad
    11th July 2016 at 8:48 pm

    YUM. I am a huge fan of Beyond Bread, and whenever I’m working in our London office I drag my lunch buddies the 15 minute walk there. It’s so worth it! I’m pleased to hear they’re expanding, and isn’t Islington becoming the new gluten free hub? You’ve got Beyond Bread and Artisan GF bakery as you say, then Niche, Romeo’s sugar free bakery, La Porchetta… It’s a coeliacs dream up there!

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