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A Hungover Morning at Broadway Market


I’d been out until 4am. Totally unplanned but you know how these things go. Spontaneous nights are by far better than any seriously planned out affair. A couple of bottles of prosecco later and I was in a small club in Soho.

By the morning I was knackered, naturally, but as my alarm went off to go and meet a friend, I was weirdly awake and raring to go.


The plan of the day was Broadway Market. I’d heard so much about this wonderful place, both from a gluten free perspective and as a general market containing a varied collection of craftspeople. How had I never been? If you’re reading this and nodding, then you need to get yourself there.

Less than 10 minutes from Liverpool St, we hopped in a quick overground service to London Fields, bellies rumbling.


I’m the type of person that can’t just grab some food from the first place I see. Granted if you find something gluten free you grab it with both hands and a big smile on your face, but I like to assess my options. Both of us fancied a sit down, but can’t say I didn’t have my eyes on lots of sugary gluten free donuts I spotted on one of the first stalls.





After a wander down the market and along the canal, we returned to find TIOSK, which thankfully could serve some gluten free brunch. These guys do fantastic breakfast bowls and iced teas, but my eyes were all over some smashed avo and fresh smoker salmon on toast. Gluten free toast of course, and these guys pulled through.



For dessert it had to be a Floris Bakery donut, that I literally couldn’t stop thinking about from the moment we set off. Paired with a lay down in London Fields to help digest all that food, I was one happy camper.

I can’t wait to head back again, where I’ll definitely be hunting down Eat’n’Mess, which I’ve heard such great things about, selling all sorts of gluten free cakes and savoury snacks. Definitely try and hunt down The School Yard, another area of the market we somehow missed entirely! I blame the hangover.


If you get the change, definitely head down for a lazy Saturday’s browse. Save any room you have for food, as I promise a trip to one stall won’t suffice!

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