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“Every time I look over, you’re always grazing on something,” a colleague said to me a few days ago. I’ve been at my new agency for a couple of months, and they’re already starting to realising how much I love to snack.

Having to follow a gluten free diet you can’t always guarantee you can grab something on the go – unless of course it’s a dense GF brownie that’s stuffed with 50% sugar. I’d say about 80% of my diet is reasonably healthy, with a 20% treat factor, but because snacking happens so often, it’s not something I can afford to let slip on.


There are lots of sugar-packed gluten free treats – that don’t get me wrong, are lovely – but on a day to day basis, I need something that’s more natural and ideally more plant based.

So, when EarlyBird got in contact to say they’d love to send me over their healthy snack pots, I jumped at the chance. Similar to a Graze box, they allow you to pick and choose four snack pots + a specialist tea, to be sent to your office. I was lucky enough to try a wide range of their pots, but soon realised which ones were my favourites.

When choosing your box’s contents online, you choose based on what type of snack or results you’re looking for. Whether you need something dairy free, good for pre/post work out, there’s lots of choices. Having a sweet tooth, I loved the addition of the Ombar buttons (best chocolate brand ever!) in the nut pots. Equally, the savoury Skmokin Peas & Chilli Olives were perfect for spicing up salads.


In terms of gluten free, none of the snack pots have any gluten containing ingredients (bar three Chia Puddings), however as they are all made in the same factory, they may not be suitable for very severe coeliacs. I have a severe intolerance, but all the pots I tried were perfectly fine. You’ll also be pleased to see that all snack pots are also suitable for veggies and vegans!


Packaged into individual pots, this helped to also control my snack portion size. If you’re anything like me, as soon as I open a bag of crisps, crackers, nuts, biscuit, they rapidly disappear in one sitting. I found myself savouring the snacks more than usual and taking more time over eating them. They became a treat I really looked forward to.


My Ideal Box:

Nuts About Ella
Chestnuts By The Fire
Raspberry Coconut Jelly
Flat Pack Brownie

The sweet treat lover in me has to go for an all sweet box, in particular any that include Ombar buttons. I’ve found that I don’t just eat them at my desk, they’re perfect at all sorts of time of the day. I’ve taken them on long train rides, had them as a quick breakfast snack, taken them to eat after the gym, sprinkled them over salads, had for a 4pm boost and even tucked into for an sweet evening treat. If you’re a fan of good packaging – you’ll love these. The added surprise tea bag in the centre of the box is a winner for me!


Having tried so many of the pots, I can’t thank the guys at EarlyBird enough. I’ve seen some people on social suggesting these are like Graze boxes. They are, but they’re better. Much better. Order yours here.

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