Things I Like A Lot #1


There’s lots of things I want to talk about that I like lately. Mainly food things. Some interior things, and some bunny things.

I’ve seen other bloggers sum these things up in nice ways such as round ups, things you should check out, and ‘Happy Mondays/Sundays etc.’ I’ve gone for ‘Things I Like a Alot.’ They’re all things that deserve a little mention, but aren’t always meaty enough for their own post.

I try to sum these things up over the weeks on Instagram, but sometime’s it’s nice to sum these things up altogether. Plus you can never have too many bunny pictures!

So here we have, some things I’ve liked a lot, recently:

  1. Coori’s gluten free range

The guys at Coori sent me the nicest little collection from their range, including fresh pastas, pies and biscuits. It was a very exciting time, as I can’t remember the last time I had some fresh pasta. Ravioli! I could barely remember what it tasted like.

More of my thoughts and some recipes soon – but let’s just appreciate how good it is to have fresh pasta again.


2. The fact that it’s getting warmer

It’s definitely starting to feel more Spring like, and for the first time this year, the girls were allowed out in the garden. They seemed so unsure at first, but after some reassurance from each other, had a little bound around, then sat in one spot for hours. Basically them on a normal day.





3. House plants

My housemate and I go mad for the house plants. We found a plant shop nearby at Nunhead station and went a bit wild. Every time we go to IKEA, we’ll always pick up more and more succulents. It’s becoming a bit of a running joke how many cacti are dotted about the flat.

Super proud that the bonsai tree is still alive. Apparently they’re really hard to look after, so we must be doing something right! Harry also picked a dragon tree and was really chuffed with himself when he brought it back from IKEA. It turns out the rabbits love to eat it… I left them running about the lounge for a shower, returned and they’d eaten the whole bottom shoot! It’s slowly growing back thankfully (you can’t quite see it in the photo, as I’ve twisted it round so i’s hidden!).





4. #TheBloggersMarket

Lovely Liv and her fashion blogger friends recently organised another of their bi-annual Bloggers’ Markets, in which they sell some of their lovely clothes and accessories for great prices. Hosted in The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn, there was also some brands there doing their thang, including Vita Coco, in which you had to snap and share a photo to take a drink, and Oliver Bonas with a sleek area with accessories to take the perfect flat-lay shot for Instagram.

I popped by with Chloe and Jess to grab a few bargains. We were even lucky enough to have our portrait drawn by the super sweet French illustrator, Maëlle, aka Cirque De Papier.

0F0E5E0E-2D89-4000-AA2B-4F4B17204C45 IMG_2519


5. Eggs Benny at Hubbard and Bell

After The Bloggers’ Market, we walked through to Hubbard and Bell, the restaurant inside the Hoxton Hotel. This was possibly the best GF Eggs Benny I’ve ever had. Look at that yolk! The staff were very sweet in making sure my brunch was gluten free. They even made me some hash browns to have as a base instead of a muffin. But these weren’t any old hash browns. They were huge thick crispy nests, perfect for soaking up the egg yolk.


6. Free from ice cream at Yorica

As soon as I heard about this place, I was round there like a shot! A two min walk from my office, on Wardour Street (next to Gail’s), you’ll find the first ever totally free from eatery in London, specialising in ice creams, milkshakes and frozen yoghurt. Think gluten free, dairy free, vegan, nut free and mostly soya free.

Yorica’s ice cream is made from creamed coconut and rice milk and all their toppings are gluten free and vegan too. I went for no-nut peanut butter ice cream (perfect if you have a nut allergy) & cookies and cream ice cream topped with crushed free from Oreo’s important from Canada, dried raspberries & sprinkles. Take someone who has an allergy. They’ll love you forever.


7. Primark’s PJ range

Fantastic at the moment, am I right? Little Miss Social Media? Yep. Obsessed with Reese’s? Yes.

IMG_2324 IMG_2358

8. Gluten Free Carl!

I felt like all my birthday came at once when I heard about Carl! If you work in an office, there’s no doubt you’ll have received the classic Colin the Caterpillar cake. He’s become a bit of a legend in his own right. Sadly though, I have to watch on as everyone tucks in.


Oh but wait! Tesco have now introduced his gluten free friend, Carl! I shared this chocolate beauty with family over the Mother’s Day weekend and no-one guessed it was gluten free! What’s great is although it’s sweet, it’s not crazy sickly sweet like some gluten free cakes or at all dry. Just make sure the office know he exits for when your birthday comes around!


9. Snapchat

Working in social media, there’s no questioning how big Snapchat has gotten. It’s the most used social app amongst teenagers. I’m no teenager but I can see the addiction and appeal, especially with the ridiculous filters and faces.

Feel free to add me for some behind the scenes cooking, more of the bunnies and no doubt messing around with the stupid features. You can find me —-> lorileysesh


10. Yoga

Yoga is becoming something that I’m doing more and more. I’ll try to go to at least three classes a week, and I’m finding it’s really paying off. I love how it combines exercise with toning, meditation and relaxation. A perfect combination for feeling good. A shout out also to Cate (in the Kitchen), who’s also been getting stuck into yoga and is looking FABULOUS for it.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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    13th March 2016 at 7:50 pm

    Primark is EVERYTHING right now I’ve had to issue a temporary ban on going on there I’m not kidding.

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