Pho Go Gluten Free


Vietnamese restaurant, ‘Pho’ has always been one of my favourites. I’m a huge fan of Asian cuisine, and most of their menu options are naturally gluten free.

However, recently the chain has gone totally gluten free, as accredited by Coeliac UK! *jumps for joy* Now you can browse the menu at total ease, knowing that you can order whatever takes your fancy.

There are only a handful of non-gluten free options of the menu – their chocolate slab dessert, and Saigon, Halida and Beer Lao beers, all which arrive pre-packaged to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. This seriously impressed me, so after hearing the news, I dropped fellow gluten free friend and blogger, Cat, a message to arrange a lunch date.


My typical order would always be traditional bowl of Pho Brisket (above) – a hot steamy Vietnamese soup with beef brisket, rice noodles fresh, stir fried vegetables and a kick of chilli and cinnamon. As much as I love this dish, there are also lots of vegan options on Pho’s menu, so thought I’d  have a little browse.

Cat, who’s a Pho regular, was set on ordering Cà-ririch, a fragrant Vietnamese curry with veggies & mushrooms, topped with nuts & served with broken rice, and I was easily persuaded to changing my usual order. It’s easy to get stuck in a habit when ordering in restaurants. I tend to stick to safe dishes I know are gluten free, but when you have a full menu to choose from, it really is a dream.


When speaking to others, like me, they never realised Pho did curries too, and I 100% urge you to order one next time to eat there. This was one of the nicest and most authentic Asian curries I’ve had in a while. My vegan friends will be thrilled to here, this is also vegan when ordered with tofu, which I went for. Throughout Veganuary, I never actually ate any tofu (crazy right?), but this dish has totally converted me and proved just how amazing tofu is. Soft and squishy, the texture was far nicer than chicken, and fitted perfectly with the creamy coconut sauce.


We also went for the veggie rice paper rolls with a deliciously thick peanut dip. Spring rolls have always been something I have to avoid, but with since these are made with rice paper – all good!

I had a great afternoon catching up with the lovely Cat, and all her exciting travel plans. Cat’s decided to pack off and move to Australia a year and I couldn’t be more excited for! Keep updated on her travels via her blog.

For those gluten free-ers who are yet to visit Pho, you really need to go. It’s not only perfect for gluten free, but with lots of different meat, veggie and vegan dishes, everyone can enjoy a traditional Vietnamese meal.

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