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Favourite Gluten Free & Vegan Snacks


I’m a snackaholic. I don’t try to hide it. It’s a fact. I regularly take snacks wherever I go. I get hungry a lot, and there’s not always a lot of gluten free options out there on the go, so naturally you have to be prepared.

Once I even took a bag of snacks to a gig. A GIG!? Yep. Queuing to get in, and of course the obligatory bag search. My brother and I were on our way to see Temper Trap at Koko in Camden, and as the bouncer peered into my bag, he looked at my brother and said –

“Your Mrs likes a lot of snacks, don’t she!?”

Of course we were both mortified that he thought my brother was my boyfriend (c’mon we look pretty alike), but he was right about the snacks. They go wherever I go.

Colleagues have been known to turn to me and ask for snacks when they’re peckish too. They know I come prepared. It’ll be porridge at my desk, then 11:00-11:30 is prime time for a mid-morning snack, lunch at 1pm, followed by 15:30-16:00 for mid-afternoon snack. My colleague to the right of me knows this pattern off by heart, and often laughs when I reach for the snacks a little later, suggesting I’ve missed my usual slot.

Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff. Veganuary may be over, but I’m trying to live day to day as a vegan where possible. I wrote about my thoughts about the end of Veganuary, and although can’t promise I’ll be an official ‘proper’ vegan, I hope my 4 solid vegan days a week will hopefully become more.

So without further ado, here are my favourite snacks that are both gluten free AND vegan. Fellow snacking Kings and Queens this way please…


Mid-Morning Boost Bars

These pretties are for 11:00-11:30 slot. After some porridge for breakfast my stomach will often start to rumble around then. In the past I’ve snacked on high sugar gluten free biscuits, but going forward, I prefer to go for something that’s refined sugar free to stop me feeling even more hungry!

Nakd bars have always been a godsend, and most days I’ll have one every day. My favourites have to be the Chocolate Orange and Pecan Pie, and whenever they’re on offer in supermarkets, you’ll always see me bulk-buying them. I refuse to pay 99p in Boots, and aim to grab them when they’re on offer for 50p in Tesco or Waitrose. When I’ve got time, I’ll even make my own.

Wild Thing* are a very similar brand to Nakd, in that their ingredients are basically lots nuts and fruit! They’ve got more of a superfood element to them, with some flavours containing chia seeds and goji berries. What’s nice about them as when you bite into them, you can see whole chunks of nuts and seeds, rather than having them finely blended.

For more of a hearty boost, Trek’s gluten free and vegan flapjacks are very filling. Also perfect for if you’re off to the gym, they contain a lot of protein, ideal if you’re worried about your protein intake as a vegan (although you can still get protein from lentils, pulses, spinach etc). Plus they taste like proper flapjacks, so have a nice treat element to them.


Savoury Snacks

I’ve basically converted my whole social team into loving these Eat Real Lentil and Hummus crisps. 40-48% less fat than crisps, they’re a nice light snack that’s equally packed with flavour. Unlike lots of flavoured crisps that have sneaky gluten containing ingredients and even milk, these are gluten free, veggie and vegan.

‘Creamy Dill’ and ‘Chili and Lemon’ are my personal favourites. It’s hard to believe that they’re free from cheese and milk, with Creamy Dill resembling cheese and chive and Chili and Lemon with a nice fiery kick.

I picked these both up from Planet Organic, and this size are less than 70p a bag.


For the Chocoholics

One thing I was concerned about when Veganuary began was that I was still going to get a good share of chocolate. I eat chocolate a lot, so this wasn’t something I wanted to completely remove form my diet. I’d have an odd bit of dark chocolate, but it was all about the milk and white.

Until my taste-buds changed. After just a week I REALLY enjoyed dark chocolate. I also really enjoyed the unusual flavours out there on the market, like Doisy and Dam’s superfood series, Ombar’s raw cacao and Montezuma’s unusual flavours.

Instead of inhaling a standard chocolate bar like I would usually do, I began to savour the chocolate and really enjoy the flavour from each square.

These little selection are my ultimates. Doisy and Dam’s coconut and lucama bar is seriously jam-packed with coconut flavour, more so than any other ‘coconut flavoured’ snack I’ve tried, and it’s super smooth as it melts in your mouth. Their offices also happen to be a stone’s throw from my flat in Brockley – it’s always great to support a local business!

For the peanut butter obsessive in me, Montezuma’s Charlie’s Luck with spiced peanuts is perfect for those who like a little hit of chilli in their chocolate.

And finally, if you have a friend who says they don’t like dark chocolate, just give them a slab of Ombar’s Blueberry and Acai and say no more. There aren’t many words to describe how incredible the flavours are.


Popcorn to die for

Finally, although all popcorn should be gluten free and vegan, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Planet Organic’s Sweet and Salty Popcorn with coconut oil. When first buying this I did think, ‘Hmm could have just got for a standard bag of popcorn,’ but oh my God it’s so much better. That is all.

If you have any other gluten free and vegan snacks you think I should try – let me know!

*Thanks to Wild Thing who kindly gifted me their paleo bars, however all other products I bought myself. (I got through a LOT of them in Veganuary!) As always all opinions are my own, and no products would have been featured in this review if I didn’t seriously love them.

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