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Sweet Green Juice

GF Sesh green juice

I’ve always had a fascination about juice. Packed full of all the goodness if they’re blended right, you can get quite a lot of good stuff in one small glass. I’ve never however been remotely tempted to pay five pounds for such juice in a London cafe. The thrifty person that I am just can’t part with the money! I guess I thought making one at home would be just as expensive. But, actually far from it.

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent  Nutri Ninja* by the lovely guys at Steamer Trading. Specialising in all sorts of wonderful kitchen equipment I had a bit of a field day flicking through of the fun stuff they had.

Now I’ve heard of the Nutribullet, but the Nutri Ninja not so much. Reading numerous reviews and YouTube tutorials, it seemed this Nutri Ninja was pretty damn good; one video even put the both to the test, with the Ninja coming out top! This was definitely something I wanted to try. Unlike a juicer, that removes all the best bits of the fruit and vegetables (those containing most vitamins and fibre), the Ninja blends everything whole.

GF Sesh green juice

There are hundreds of fruit and vegetable combinations that work in blended juices, but I could never understand why anyone would drink one if it tasted awful. A colleague said she spotted a lady on the tube drinking a green juice,  but pretty much gagged at every sip. Life is too short for that! Too much kale and spinach could potentially be not to everyone’s taste buds, but handful here and there with other complimentary veggies, pretty good.

When creating this recipe I tried to think what sort of flavours I liked. When I’m out and ordering a cocktail, something including cucumber is often a drink I can get involved in. Seriously refreshing, I could eat the stuff all day long. I can’t stand banana, so that didn’t even get close. Instead I paired the cucumber with pineapple, half a Pink Lady (easily the best and sweetest apples out there), fresh parsley and a handful of kale.

Sweet Green Juice

Handful fresh parsley
½ Pink Lady Apple
8 chunks pineapple
Handful of kale
½ a large cucumber
Splash of water (optional)

  1. Chop the apple, pineapple and cucumber into chunks. You can remove the skin if you wish, I tend to keep it on.
  2. Add all the ingredients into the plastic cup, screw on the blade lid, clip into place and press down to blend.

GF Sesh green juice

I was really quite surprised by the result. Sweet, easy to drink and pleasantly palatable. If you prefer your juice thick, blend as it is with a cube or two of ice, then pop in the fridge briefly before stirring and enjoying. If instead you’d like a looser juice, add a few splashes of water before you blend. The water is great at getting the Ninja started, as it helps to mush the fruit together.

How easy is the Ninja to use?

Pretty easy actually. Chop up your ingredients, add to the plastic cup, screw in the blades, lock into place, and hold the top down until blended. With almost no washing up required, you can screw a sip top that comes with the blender and walk straight out the door!

You’ll get two cup sizes too, but I always use the small one. I wouldn’t personally recommend drinking a juice as big as the large cup, but handy if you want to make juice for more than one person.

GF Sesh green juice

GF Sesh green juice

I’m looking forward to using the Nutri Ninja for lots of other bits & bobs in the kitchen. The fact that it can blend ice is pretty outstanding, so think it’s time to put some nuts to the test.

I can’t recommend the Nuti Ninja enough. It’s actually on sale with over £30 off if you fancy giving it a go.

*A big thanks to Steamer Trading for my fabulous Nutri Ninja. Although the product was sent to me, all views, recipes and photos are of course my own.


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  • Reply
    13th October 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Hi Loriley,

    Love the ingredients you’ve popped in that juice! I do a similar version without the pineapple, I actually featured it during my 3 day juice cleanse and it was one of my favourites (

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

    • Reply
      Loriley Sesh
      15th October 2015 at 11:25 am

      Hi Besma! That looks lovely. I’ll definitely try some spinach and lemon next time. Thanks for the tip!

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