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With autumn in full swing and the cold weather approaching, I find myself starting to comfort eat more and more. Warm breakfasts, warm lunch and warm dinners. I’ve been eating a lot more soups this month, as they’re easy to heat up at work. Sometimes I’ll make soups from scratch, but otherwise a good hearty supermarket pot does the trick. Here’s five of my favourite gluten free products I’ve been eating lots of this month.


Tideford’s Soups*

A good soup is perfect for an autumnal day. What’s equally great is when a soup’s ingredients perfectly mirror the autumnal weather outside. If you can, it’s great to eat seasonally, and what I love about Tideford’s soups is that their current range screams the very best of autumn.

Move over classic flavours, these guys are putting the best seasonal veg in their filling soup pots, that are not only gluten free, but vegan and free from anything artificial. No refined sugar in sight. My favourite was the Kale and Beetroot, which goes perfectly with crispy baked kale chips.

Also, on a side note, if you’re interested in eating seasonally, I’d definitely suggest checking out fellow blogger and friend, Sally’s fortnightly newsletter, Flash in the Pan, that keeps you in the loop with all the seasonal ingredients to look out for.



I first heard of Nutribix from a gluten free Facebook group. Overnight it literally exploded, with everyone asking how they could get their hands on it. So what exactly is Nutribix? Its closest relative has to be the classic Weetabix; obviously a no-go with its huge wheat content. I can’t remember the last time I had the stuff, but would always love the mini ones with chocolate (what child doesn’t love chocolate for breakfast!).

I’ve now been alternating my usual porridge for breakfast with the gluten free Nutribix, made with 96% wholegrain sorgum, which I often have with skimmed milk and berries. It’s also important to mention Nutrbix’s ingredients. I was gobsmacked to see how low the sugar content is, which for a breakfast cereal is so important. Having a highly sugary breakfast, makes me crash and need a snack by 10:30, but similar to porridge, when I have a portion of Nutribix in the morning, I’ll last until lunchtime. Also great served with warm milk.


Pizza Union’s Gluten Free Pizzas 

It’s a known fact that gluten free pizzas aren’t always that great. Thinking back to the days where I could eat Dominos makes me want to weep, but instead, I’ve been on the hunt for a favourite pizza. Pizza Express is bearable and Pizza Hut tastes like cardboard, but coming across Pizza Union in Shoreditch (just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street), I felt like I’d struck gold.

Before going on, I must make clear, that as the kitchens are very open, with no space for a separate gf area, when you’re served you asked whether you have an intolerance or are coeliac, due to a potential chance of contamination. If you do have an intolerance, I can vouch that it’s perfectly safe, as each time I’ve eaten there, no upset has been caused. I loved their pizzas so much I’ve returned a number of times. It’s the closest to what I remember traditional pizza tastes like, and that makes me very happy indeed.

What’s also great with these guys is the price. Starting at £3.99 for a margarita (add £1 extra for gluten free dough), you really are in for a bargain. Alcohol is cheap too, so it’s a great place to head on a Friday night after work when meeting some friends for drinks.


Schar’s Gluten Free Pizza Bases

On the subject of pizzas, it’s always nice to have the option of throwing a pizza in the oven at home. By far the best gluten free base I’ve come across is by Schar. They’re new to the UK, but you may have seen them pop up in various supermarkets such as Waitrose. I’ve yet to try any other products, but going by how great their pizza bases are, I’ll definitely be looking into what else they have to offer.

Not a rubbery texture in sight, perfectly soft, yet perfectly crisp round the edges, I often mix cream cheese, tomato puree and ketchup to make a sweet and creamy topper, before loading with mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil.


Nutri Ninja*

Not exactly a gluten free product, but this little machine needs to get a mention. I was kindly sent the Nutri Ninja by Steamer Trading to get my thoughts on how it works, and I’ve been blown away. When making naturally gluten free food from scratch, it comes in so very handy. Juices with ice, chunky soups, nuts, biscuits – you name it, it can blend it. Similar to a food processor, it’s a great gadget to have in the kitchen as it doesn’t take up too much space, as is really easy to clean.

GF Sesh green juice

*Products marked were kindly sent to me. As always all views are my own, and I would never include a product in my monthly favourites list if I didn’t totally love it.

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