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I’ve decided I’m going to start up something new. I like starting new things; new lists, new food blogger tags, new blog layouts (to come very soon – eek!), but I thought it was about time some of the lovely products I’ve come across get a chance to shine.

On Instagram I’m often posting about little snacks I’m eating, and let’s face it, gluten free snacking isn’t easy. It has to be planned. Every day I take a bag full of snacks to work. On days I don’t, I end up raiding the office Tuck Shop for chocolate and crisps which isn’t ideal.

So here’s a little place each month where products, ingredients or snacks deserve a little mention. Where odd bits and bobs, not quite enough for a review on their own, get a little round of applause.

  1. The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery – Fresh Loaves

What a joy to have a proper bacon sarnie on a thick crusty doorstop slice. Back in the day, I’d feast on French sticks, and large slices of freshly baked tiger bread. I’ve found it almost impossible to find good fresh gluten free bread, but these guys know their stuff.

Formally known as Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery, The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery offer small and large loaves are available in a range of flavours from their Islington bakery. But great news for those not based nearby; these loaves are now available in Whole Foods!

I was lucky to pick up a loaf from Camden’s Gluten Free Food Festival earlier in the month, and went straight home for a piping hot bacon sandwich.

2. Free’d Crackers

Earlier in the year, I came across Free’d when using Free Go, an online gluten free supplier. Unlike other gluten free crackers I’ve come across, and without sounding like Mary Berry, these chia and sesame seed crackers really have a great crunch!

Perfect for lunch and packing out salads, you can throw all sorts of great ingredients together to make some filling canape crisp breads. It also turns out, these are also available at Whole Foods, so I’ll be sure stocking up at the Piccadilly branch near my office.


  1. Cookies & Scream – Gluten Free & Vegan Cookies


A good gf cookie is hard to come by, but not only gluten free, Cookies & Scream are vegan too – but you’d never guess. And we’re not talking one cookie, we’re talking EVERYTHING on sale is gluten free!

After being told how moreish they are, I went for two peanut butter (dream come true) cookies, which were perfectly gooey in the middle. Head down to their cookie bar inside Camden Market, and add a dollop of ice cream on the side.

  1. Oliver’s Fish & Chips – Gluten Free every Wednesday


Every Wednesday Oliver’s clean out their fryers and serve gluten free fish AND chips from their Camden branch.

I spotted their stand at the Camden Market’s Gluten Free Festival, but was already too full from Honest Burgers to have a portion, but am definitely up for heading back now I know what’s up for grabs.

  1. Borough 22’s Gluten Free & Dairy Free Donuts*

I could sing Borough 22 and star baker Ryan’s praises until I’m blue in the face. I’ve never eaten anything like it since being gluten free. No bakery has every come close to a classic Krispy Kreme, but these donuts are delicious.

As of September, these beauties are now available in Selfridges from Thursday – Sunday, so be sure to swing by if you’re doing a spot of shopping, or if not, order for delivery directly from the Borough 22 website. You can see my full review here.

*Donuts were kindly gifted by Borough 22

If you have some gluten free products you’d like me to try, drop me a line at If I totally love them, they may just feature on this page next month!

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  • Reply
    Charlotte Webb
    23rd September 2015 at 11:49 am

    Great series to start! I can't wait to read about your recommendations for different snacks, foods and restaurants. Thanks :)
    Charlotte x

  • Reply
    24th September 2015 at 9:44 am

    Thanks Charlotte! :-) xx

  • Reply
    Ryan @ Borough 22
    24th September 2015 at 11:22 pm

    So awesome! I couldn't read this when you posted initially due to a technology fail but now I have I am so honored and so humbled to be included in your faves for September and among such great quality artisans too. I am bias of course but another superb article Sesh!!! And the photography is of course exceptional. Please send me all your pictures and I'll definitely make use of them!

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