10 Reasons To Eat At Honest Burgers If You’re Gluten Free


Ten reasons. That’s a lot wouldn’t you say? But somehow Honest Burgers manages it. They’ve always been one of my favourite London burger joints, but every time I go back, they surprise me with another little gluten free gem.

Being gluten free aint easy when it comes to burgers. You very rarely find somewhere that can provide a gluten free bun, and when you too it’s often dry round the edges. If you want all your gluten free boxes ticked however, Honest Burgers can provide that green tick.

Read away, and try not to want a burger by the time you’ve finished.

  1. You can eat pretty much anything on the menu

No matter what burger you fancy, you can have it. Thanking you.


  1. The patties are succulent gluten free goodness

All the patties are naturally gluten free, which gives a nod to the quality of the meat. You can pick exactly how you’d like your burger cooked, mooing if that’s your favourite. For me, it’s gotta be medium rare. When you bite into the patty a little bit of meat juice will no doubt drop onto your chips. Mmm meat juice.


3. They have gluten free buns

Great news – gluten free buns are available on request, making the menu extremely accessible.


  1. The chips are naturally gluten free

It makes me extremely aggravated when restaurants add flour to their chips. Chips are potatoes guys, they should be naturally gluten free! Honest Burger however, gets a gold star, as their rosemary fries (very good may I add), are
100% wheat flour free.

  1. The onion rings are also naturally gluten free

 Sorry, let me say that again. THE ONION RINGS ARE GLUTEN FREE! Not sure I’ve ever heard that phrase before until now. My Dad’s a big fan of onion rings and will always order than as extra in restaurants, leaving me to glare on in jealously. But at Honest Burger, their onion rings are not only light and crispy, but use naturally gluten free ingredients instead of a flour batter. Top points.

  1. There’s gluten free beer

This is getting ridiculous now. Honest Burger’s Tom, let me shake your hand please. All branches stock the award winning Daura Damm beer, so you can wash your burger down with a pint.

  1. The staff get it 

Chatting to Hayley at the Camden Market branch, she explained that totally separate areas of the kitchen is used and separate tongs. It’s really great when restaurants get it. We all hope that these kind of measures are taken in kitchens with gluten free options, but when so many waitresses see so puzzled by the phrase ‘gluten free’, you tend to lose faith. These guys however know their stuff and seem very passionate about it indeed.

  1. The bun isn’t dry (hooray!)

Praise you! Lightly toasted, the gf bun was the perfect texture to sandwich the juicy patty.

9. The specials are divine (and also gf)

Extremely pleased by the incredible choice, all three of us went for the special. You can see why it’s a little bit special. A beef patty, with smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, Honest Guacamole and Harissa Mayonnaise, this was what
burger dreams were made of.

10. You don’t get food envy

When everyone’s order looks just as incredible as yours, there’s no feeling sad that you’ve dietary requirements have been forgotten.

Cheers to that!

A big thanks to Honest Burgers and Camden Market for such a lovely meal. I dined at Honest Burgers as part of Camden Market’s Gluten Free Festival with the lovely Katy & Cat, but all these gluten free options are available all day every day at every Honest Burger branch.

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    Sam H
    17th September 2015 at 11:21 am

    Those chips look amazing! I really need to get my arse to this place!

    • Reply
      17th September 2015 at 11:31 am

      You definitely need to Sam! There's a few dotted across London. It's so refreshing to be able to choose literally anything! xx

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