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Raw Coconut Brownie Balls – GF, DF, SF


Sometimes we all need a treat. Then one treat leads to another and before you know it, you’ve eaten far too many treats.

This is me. I try to eat healthily, and most of the time I do, but I have an incredibly sweet tooth. I go weak at the knees when anyone mentions chocolate, and have a soft spot for squidgy Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. I mean, what an invention?

Anyway, let’s not mention those devils. This post is about choosing a healthier snacking option. Deliciously Ella is a genius, and I’m a big fan of her blog and first cookbook. I try to make her recipes when I can, but have to admit, when you’re on a budget they’re not ideal.

Scanning through, I came across her raw brownie recipe, which looked divine and boast to be gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free – result. The brownies look rather large, so instead of forking out loads for lots of nuts and expensive dates, I decided to half the portion and do something a little different with them – make raw coconut brownie balls.

I also decided to use standard dates rather than medjool, honey instead of maple syrup and coco powder instead of cacao. All these help to keep the price down.

Rolling them into small bowls, I then covered them in coconut. They taste very similar to Nakd bars, but even better, in my opinion, plus they’re the perfect size for a sweet snack when you’re craving chocolate.


What you need: 

70g pecans
200g dates, pitted
6 tablespoons coco powder
3 tablespoons honey
Desiccated coconut, to finish



  1. Blend the pecans in a food processor until fine.
  2. Pit the dates and chop into small pieces, then add to the food processor, along with the coco powder and honey.
  3. Continue to blend until a large sticky mixture.
  4. Take a small chunk, and roll into a small brownie ball, then place in a bowl of desiccate coconut, and roll around until covered.
  5. Repeat and then place the brownie balls in a baking tray and pop in the freeze for an hour.

These beauties are best stored in the fridge, but I love them straight out the freezer. Make sure they’re not too frozen however, as you may lose a tooth!



Put down those Peanut Butter Cups and give yourself a pat of the back.

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  • Reply
    Vicky Dalton-Banks
    19th August 2015 at 8:01 am

    Great idea to make them into mini balls! I do this too – I've got a recipe for cherry and cacao balls. I've got such a sweet tooth too, but feel these are a good afternoon snack and means I don't reach for those peanut butter cups (they're so good though! haha). xx

    • Reply
      19th August 2015 at 4:04 pm

      Ah yum – will have to check that out! Haha don't talk to me about the peanut butter cups! Treats like this keep me away! xx

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