I Donut Believe It


Donut know about you, but I’m a big fan of donuts, but up until last week, I hadn’t had a donut in two years. Gone are the days when you can simply pop into Tesco and grab a sugary iced treat for mere pennies.

Growing up in Southend, a trip to the seaside when the weather was nice happened more than often. I mean, when there’s a beach on your doorstep you can’t say no. And what comes with the seaside? Fresh, warm, sugary, cinnamon donuts. So sugary and so warm, that you never had one, you had a bag of six.

There are lots of great gluten free alternatives out there when you want a sweet treat, but never have I come across donuts, until now.

Coming across free from home bakers, Borough 22 via a gluten free Facebook group, I knew I was in luck. Even luckier when I realised they were based in South East London. Run by Ryan, Borough 22 specialise in gluten free and vegan donuts, as well as other free from treats, delivering directly to your door if you’re based in Central London. If you’re based elsewhere in the UK – fear not – mail order delivery is also available.

At 8pm just a few days after speaking to Ryan via the Facebook group, there was a knock at my door with a delicious donut delivery. Hanging out the window to get the last of the light, I managed to get some snaps. There was no way I was waiting ’til the next day to eat these babies! #bloggerproblems




Snuggled on the sofa, I finished them both in one sitting. The Sugar Cinnamon tasted like home. Light and sugary with the perfect hint of cinnamon, with just the right texture so they slightly stuck to your mouth, as most donuts should. I could see why these were Borough 22’s most popular. Next up was the perfectly photogenic pink Raspberry and Pistachio, sweet with a fruity kick. With most donuts in the past, I’d always feel quite sluggish and full, but these donuts were different. Light, fresh and airy.


Photo by Borough 22

Borough 22 have a variety of donut flavours available including:

Vanilla Glazed
Cinnamon Sugared
Salted Caramel (contains milk)
Rasberry Pistachio



Photo by Borough 22

5 minutes with Ryan

What were your reasons for starting up the business?
We started the business as my wife and kids have multiple intolerance’s between them, including gluten and dairy. We struggled to find a decent treat that ticked both these boxes and tasted really good. So, as resident family baker, started to research recipes for myself.

Do you follow a gluten free diet yourself?
My wife is gluten intolerant so we try to stick to gluten free products where possible in our house (for ease) but the kids and I don’t follow a gluten free diet specifically.

What’s your favourite flavour and why?
My favourite flavour is without a doubt cinnamon sugar. Its simply wonderful. The flavours really shine through and it reminds me of fresh fairground doughnuts. It really is a triumph. My father in going to bring back loads of cinnamon from the trees in my Nan’s land in Grenada when he visits later this year. I can’t wait to have this featuring in our doughnuts.

Photo by Borough 22

If you could create a donut in any flavour, what would it be?
I’ve been toying with the idea of gourmet doughnuts; Rocky Road, Black Forrest or Matcha green tea for example. But the ultimate would have to be a jam filled doughnut.

Who would you most love to try one of your gluten free donuts?
Wow great question. Umm… Gwyneth Paltrow. She is good for a laugh we hear.

Where do you see Borough 22 in ten years time?
In 10 years I’d like for us to be well established in London with good distribution available across the UK. I want Borough 22 to be synonymous with quality products and service and, most importantly, when we are mentioned in conversation for people to make a face that says love, want, need & now all at once.


I loved Borough 22’s donuts and cannot recommend them highly enough. It’s been too long since I’ve had a good donut! Although the donuts were given to me by Ryan, all opinions are my own.

You can view Borough 22’s price list and place an order here.

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    charlotte samantha
    20th August 2015 at 4:26 pm

    Oh my! These look insanely delicious!!

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    Emma Julia
    21st August 2015 at 6:59 am

    Ohhhhhh these sound amazing – and gluten free for the win!

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      21st August 2015 at 8:33 am

      I KNOW! So exciting to eat donuts again! You need to get involved Emma! #glutenfreebuddies xx

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    Ala Skrakowski
    21st August 2015 at 12:02 pm

    These look so fab and great post with the interview! x

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