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85% Cocoa Lindt Brownies (GF)


It’s been a while since I’ve baked, and in fact quite while since I’ve blogged. Work has been pretty busy the last month or so, and although baking can be quite relaxing, the thought of tipping my small kitchen upside-down, hasn’t been on the top of my list. I’m quite a messy baker; so much so, that after baking these brownies I kept finding bits of melted chocolate all over my face!

Receiving a lovely parcel of dark chocolate goodies from Lindt, it seemed right that I bake something equally as rich. And I mean rich!


Best served with cream and strawberries these brownies are probably best eaten half at a time! Perfect for satisfying that mid-afternoon chocolate craving, I like to think, if anything, they’re kind of healthy. Well, maybe health-ier. Using rich 85% dark chocolate instead of milk, and far less sugar, these brownies aren’t sickly sweet, but instead rich and bitter.

It also gave me a great opportunity to test out my new Andrew James mixer – which is fab by the way and only the fraction of the price of a Kitchen Aid!

Here’s what you’ll need:
300g 85% Cocoa Lindt dark chocolate*
Four large eggs
160g butter
120g caster sugar
200g ground almonds

*please note 85% Cocoa Lindt dark chocolate does not have gluten containing ingredients, however mentions below that it may contain traces. If you are Coeliac, it may be best to opt for a different brand of chocolate.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 150 C (130 fan) and grease roughly 8-10 large cupcake tins.
  2. Melt 200g dark chocolate on the hob in a glass bowl over boiling water.
  3. Separate the egg whites and whisk until stiff peaks appear (set aside egg yolks – you’ll need these later). I used a
  4. Fold together the butter, egg yolks, sugar and almonds, then mix in the dark chocolate.
  5. Add 1/3 of the egg whites to the mix, and fold in softly. Repeat with the remainder of the egg whites until all have dissolved.
  6. Pour the mixture into the greased cupcake holders and press another square of chocolate into the top of each brownie cupcake. Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes.

 To create the chocolate zigzag decoration, I melted more chocolate (yes I like chocolate!), then drizzled with a spoon across a sheet of baking paper. Place in the fridge to cool et voila!

Best served with cream and strawberries.

Lindt chocolate provided by Lindt. All opinions are my own.

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  • Reply
    Ala Skrakowski
    10th June 2015 at 11:40 am

    These look absolutely divine! And yay to getting yourself a mixer, had I not won mine I would have got a cheaper brand for sure, they all do the same job – and just look at that shiny red! x

    • Reply
      9th July 2015 at 11:55 am

      Thanks Ala! They're such a dream to use. I am very jealous of your Kitchen Aid though! x

  • Reply
    Kelly McKenny
    11th June 2015 at 11:31 am

    These look amazing!

  • Reply
    16th June 2015 at 1:31 pm

    I've just had salad for lunch and now I'm weeping with jealousy. I need chocolate!

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