2014 Gluten Free Favourites


Over the last six months there’s without doubt been a huge improvement with the gluten free products available, both in supermarkets and restaurants. Instead of being confined to a thin corner area, free from sections take up huge chunks of aisles, boasting a great variety of products and brands.

Here are my favourites from 2014:

Best Gluten Free healthy cereal: Mini Magoo’s Fun Stuff Nut & Seed Mix – quite expensive, but worth it for a healthy treat. You can pick up bags of these at Borough Market. (above)

Best Gluten Free (not so healthy) cereal: Tesco Chocolate Pillows (don’t judge me I love sugary cereal and finding these babies that taste like Krave was a God send!)

Closely followed by…Nestle Corn Flakes 

Best Gluten Free supermarket bread: Udi’s Tiger Loaf – now available in Tesco

Closely followed by M&S free from sliced loaf

Best Gluten Free freshly baked bread: Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery (North London) – just look at ittttttt *drools* (above)

Best Gluten Free pitta bread: Sainsbury’s – one of the few pitta breads that heat well and can be easily opened without crumbling apart

Best Gluten Free roll: DS Brown Ciabatta rolls – pop them in them oven for 6 minutes, and you’re left with fresh, piping hot rolls. Honestly, can’t taste the difference.

Best Gluten Free snack: Joe & Seph’s gluten handmade popcorn – warning, it’s addictive.

Best Gluten Free cookie/biscuit: Tesco’s Finest Double Chocolate Chip Cookies  – rich, buttery, what more could you want.

Best Gluten Free pizza: Rossopomordoro – a chain found in London, these pizzas taste just as good as the real stuff. So much so that I double checked countless times to make sure! (above)

Best Gluten Free dessert: Frozen Toblerone Almond Cake – this almond based sweet treat can be kept in the freezer, and simply defrosted before being served. 

Best Gluten Free wrap: Starbucks Limited Edition Turkey, Bacon and Stuffing – I’m going to be so sad when this festive wrap stops, but in the new year, they should return to the gf hummus roasted veg wrap, which is handy for vegetarians. 

Best Gluten Free pie: Foodamentalists Pork Pie

Best Gluten Free on the go: Leon – most of the menu is gluten free and pretty filling too. 

Best Gluten Free burger chain: Honest Burgers – all burgers gluten free and come with gluten free buns. Top points!

Best Gluten Free brand: Udi’s

Closely followed by Genuis

Best Gluten Free supermarket: M&S 

Closely followed by Sainsbury’s 


I never really focus on bad reviews on my blog, it just doesn’t seem right. But over the last year I have encountered some really disheartening meals from restaurants that really don’t even understand what gluten free is. I’ve always praised Starbucks (for at least having a few gf options), but this summer one employee served my frappacinno with cookie pieces even thought I clearly stated countless times I couldn’t eat them and gluten. Luckily I only have a gluten intolerance but for those who are coeliac this would have been very different. What surprised me the most is there was no apology for her mistake.

Most recently, I was determined to try out Dominos, who boast that all of their fast food establishments can provide gluten free bases, but I was faced with, yet again, another confused employee who hadn’t a clue what I was talking about and told me there was no such thing.

Hopefully next year, due to Food Standards changes, we’ll see an improvement in an understanding of allergies.

What have been your favourite gluten free products this year? Have you come across confusion when eating out?


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    Teffy Perk
    5th January 2015 at 8:48 am

    You should try Otto's in west london! Their pizza is all naturally gluten free as they use cornmeal as a base, and it's absolutely amazing! One of the best I've had, ever (including pizzas with gluten!)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

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