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Coffee + Calligraphy = Coffeegraphy


When I was invited to a calligraphy workshop by Dolce Gusto to celebrate the launch of their two new coffee machines, I did wonder how coffee and calligraphy could ever mix. Coffee is part of my diet most days of the week (even more so with a coffee machine in my kitchen!) and I’ve always been a lover of a good font (A Level Graphics without a doubt created a hate for Comic Sans), so what was there not to like?

After chatting to a few familiar faces (Sophie of La Fashion Folie in particular), we were talked through the process of how the coffee pod machines work to create ‘coffee shop style’ drinks using lots of snazzy filters built into each pod, packed air tight to keep the coffee beans fresh. The two new machines, the Oblo and Jovia, are pretty chic looking and bring a sense of style to the range.

Grabbing a few nibbles and sipping bubbly, it was type to experience the modern art of coffee in a different way. But instead of drinking it, we’d be writing with it.

Filling our tiny glass cups with a freshly made espresso from the Jovia machine, we set to work with the talented calligrapher Chiara of LampLighterLondon. After a lot of practicing I managed to write my name with the coffee. There are two different types of strokes which create thick and thin lines depending on how hard you press. I think I did OK, but there were definitely a few random dark brown blobs I had to quickly wipe away when no-one was looking!

As a special treat, Chiara even wrote our blog names for us to take away in her signature swirly font. Clearly far better than my attempts!

On leaving the venue we received a lovely personalised goodie bag from Gemma and the team at Dolce Gusto. I loved my personalised notepad and can’t wait to get started with the calligraphy set. The family were pretty pleased too when I returned home with some new flavour coffee pods to try. My brother is slightly obsessed with the Chococino variety.

You can follow LampLighterLondon on Instagram here and find out more about Dolce Gusto here.

(I was invited to this event my Dolce Gusto. All opinions are my own)

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  • Reply
    6th September 2014 at 7:44 pm

    What an interesting idea. I'd love to try it with a strong black tea but I don't know if I could get the hang of it. Your calligraphy is amazing!

    • Reply
      22nd September 2014 at 1:05 pm

      Definitely try! Takes a few goes, but you soon get the hang of it.

  • Reply
    Natalie Tamara
    11th September 2014 at 1:55 pm

    What a lovely idea for an event – I always enjoy seeing the creative ideas some brands are coming up with. The coffee looks great too 😉

  • Reply
    Sophie Green
    13th September 2014 at 9:26 pm

    So lovely to see you again! hope to catch up soon

    Sophie xx

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