Thanks a latte Dolce Gusto!


And the award for the worst pun goes to… Sorry, just wanted to Espresso myself.

All jokes aside, my Dolce Gusto machine has made an excellent addition to my daily routine (and my family are pretty chuffed about it too). I come from a family where an outing is never complete without stopping for a coffee. There’s just something so nice about sitting for just half an hour and enjoying a nice hot beverage. That daily coffee can definitely add up, and a stop off at Starbucks can make a rather large dent in your funds. That’s where Dolche Gusto swoops in and saves the day. With one of these beauties, a daily coffee shop quality drink can be made in seconds, from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price.

With so many POD flavours available, there’s a drink for every mood. Here’s a little bit more about some of your options.

Best for breakfast: Lungo

This strong black coffee is great for a morning wake up. As no milk is needed (unless you wish to add your own), these pods come in a pack of 16 and work out the same price as some of the other packs that only contain 8 drinks in total (8 milk and 8 coffee pods). So all in all, these are by far the most cost-effective of the coffees. Box of 16 : roughly £3-4. Available online and from ASDA or Waitrose.

The classics: Cappuccino and Chococino 
What’s a chococino I hear you ask? Well it’s just a snazzy name for a hot chocolate! Deliciously rich, this one’s perfect sipped on the sofa in the evening. You could even add whipped cream and marshmallows.
The cappuccino is by far my favourite of the bunch; the perfect mix of coffee and frothy milk. These PODS disappear like lightening in my household, so it’s best to get in quick before you miss out. 
Box of 8 – £3-4 (8 coffee and 8 milk pods). Available online and from ASDA and Waitrose.

Something a little different: Marrakesh Style Tea and Tea Latte 

These two are definitely distinct and unlike any other drink I’ve tried. If you’re a fan of sweet milky tea then you’ll love the Tea Latte. The Marrakesh Style Tea has a minty flavour, but more spearmint than peppermint. Again, another sweet one, so ideal for those with a sweet tooth. 

Marrakesh Style Tea – £3-4 for a box of 16. Tea Latte – £3-4 for a box of 8 (8 milk and 8 tea pods). Available online.

The machine was so easy to use, and drinks are made even quicker than boiling the kettle. Just fill up the water tank at the back, turn on the switch, place the cup underneath, insert the pod, close the top, and choose which water option you want (hot or cold).

Be sure to use the mugs similar to those in the photos (standard mug size), as these are the perfect size when choosing the middle cup size setting on the machine. Using a mug too big leaves you with watery coffee – something you don’t want. An average mug size, they’re the perfect size for ideal coffee strength and flavour. It’s easy to control how much water you use by just controlling the leaver at the top.

I love my Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine and would highly reccomend; not just to coffee fans, but those who like to experiment with different drinks. There are over 30 flavours to choose from online, along with a range of machines and colours to blend in perfectly with your kitchen. View the full machine range here.

So far I’ve found PODS in ASDA and Waitrose, but the cheapest by a fraction is online through the Dolce Gusto website (plus you can get lots more flavours). When you sign your machine up online, you also get £10 to spend at the online shop – result!

Do you have a coffee machine at home? What are your favourite flavours?

I was sent the Mini Me as a gift from Dolce Gusto, but have since purchased more coffee pods myself.

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