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Dining at the First ‘Pay by Picture’ Restaurant


BirdsEye launch first ‘pay by picture’ restaurant to launch premium dining range
STOP. THE. PRESS. Yes you heard that right. ‘Pay by photo’ for your food. Photographing your food is welcomed. Photographing your food is encouraged. Photographing your food, as means of payment, is valid. Now this was something I could get on board with.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the exclusive dining experience never tried before. We’ve had tweeting in terms of payment for a coffee from the likes of Starbucks, but never uploading and hashtagging a photo as terms of payment for a meal. For once setting out my iPhone, DSLR and allocated iPad (awesome!) amongst the salt and pepper pots was normal. No one batted an eye-lid. This was definitely my kind of place.

The stats:

52% of the nation regularly take photos of their meals
1 in 10 take at least one snap of their meal time moments every week
9% take at least one photo of their food every day
Over 90 million photos with the hashtag ‘food’ on Instagram
39% purposely arrange their food on their plate with the intention of sharing online
34% reveal it allows them to express their creativity
16% reveal they are obsessed with achieving the perfect shot on a plate
Can I get a hell yeah? Yep. All of the above apply to me.
The event, arranged by Birds Eye at Soho’s The Picture House (ideal name), invited diners to the launch of the brand new ‘Inspirations’ range – a selection of frozen food, that quite frankly, you’d never have guessed to be frozen food. Scanning the menus displayed on the iPads, this was 21st century dining at its best. Both I and my friend opted for the fish dish which consisted of ‘chargrilled fish with sun-blushed tomatoes, basil, and oregano, served with roasted Jersey Royals, wilted spinach and buttered brown shrimp.’  
In no time the food arrived and the snapping begun. First on my iPhone and then my camera, rearranging the surroundings as neatly as possible, before tucking in whilst taking generous sips of white wine. Both flavour and presentation was spot on, providing a great quick and easy meal to knock up at home and still impress the guests.
Dessert was equally as impressive, with choice of macerated strawberries with passion fruit ripple ice cream and amoretti, or bitter chocolate pots with blood orange ice cream. Coffee was then served followed by the bill, verifying we’d ‘paid by picture’ by uploading our food snap to Instagram with #BirdsEyeInspirations.
Now that an event like this has been done, I suggest more brands (and family and friends!) take note. The next step is to stop people starring/huffing/moaning while I neatly arrange my masterpieces to capture them at their best angle. I may be sacrificing a few minutes of optimum-temperature eating time, but over 50% of the nation do it guys, it’s the norm. 

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  • Reply
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy
    15th May 2014 at 1:12 pm

    what a brilliant concept. This would be great for me, as I am always taking photos of my food. occupational hazard :)

    • Reply
      15th May 2014 at 1:23 pm

      It was such a fun concept to try! Hopefully more brands will take note and get involved. Nothing wrong with photographing food :)

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