Birthdays = Great Food


Most of the time I don’t need an excuse to eat out. If the opportunity presents itself, no persuading is needed. In the last 10 days, we’ve had three family birthdays, which of course equals lots of reasons why great food should be eaten.

Meal 1: Steak & Lobster

First up was my birthday, and since I work in London, I decided a meal with friends after work was a must. We’re all big fans of lobster and so thought it was time to try Steak and Lobster, based just a short walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station. The menu does what it says on the tin – decide between steak or lobster (a 10 oz ribeye steak or a whole lobster to be exact. Drool). All of us opted for the lobster, except one who went for the steak. It was safe to say we were all extremely happy with our choices and soon enough after ordering, huge plates emerged boasting tender lobster, mountains of chips, a side salad of spinach, onion and parmesan, plus the all important garlic butter.

Being social media savvy kids, of course within minutes three lobster images appeared on Instagram, all displaying different angles of the dish. After fighting with the tools, we eventually got the hang of it. I’m usually a quick eater, but was last to finish, maybe because trying to work out how the cracker works when you’ve already had half a bottle of wine, wasn’t as simple as I originally thought.

As promised on the menu, each meals comes with unlimited fries, which of course my friends took full advantage of. This is a great added extra that doesn’t often come with lobster meals throughout London, and was one of the reasons which drew me to Steak & Lobster.
Once polishing off as many chips as possible, I was ready to ask for the bill when out came a gluten free cake, arranged by my friend Lauren who had snuck into the restaurant earlier. I was so surprised someone had thought not only to arrange a cake, but a gluten free one! Steak & Lobster were more than happy for us to serve up and tuck in before we left, providing plates and cutlery, which was a really nice gesture.

What I had: Whole lobster with unlimited fries and dressed green salad – £20

Meal 2 : Miller & Carter, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

For a family meal to celebrate all three birthday (mine, Dad’s and brother’s), we opted for a local steak house, Miller & Carter. If there’s ever steak on the menu, there’s never a debate as to what to I’ll be ordering. Steak it is. Always. 
You often find when you ask for your steak cooked ‘rare’, restaurants are a little hesitant as for how rare to go, but these guys got it spot on and I can safely say this was easily one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Thick, tender and perfectly cooked, I didn’t want it to end. With a side of fries, onion loaf, tomato and iceberg lettuce, I was perfectly full and couldn’t have managed any more even if I’d wanted to.
Miller & Carter’s ‘Steak Experience’ allows you flexibility to choose the exact cut of meat you want, whether it be on or off the bone. To compliment your steak, you also have the choice of a variety of salad dressings and steak sauces. The 8oz rump I opted for may have been the cheapest from the steak dishes, but you would never had guessed it.
My Dad even received a voucher for a free bottle of champagne via email for his birthday, which was a perfect accompaniment to a great meal.
What I had: Rump 8oz with seasoned fries, onion loaf, iceberg lettuce and five mushroom sauce – £12.95

After our meal, we returned home to tuck into a cake I’d baked that afternoon. Hello chocolate heaven.

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