B is for Bobbin


One month ago I purchased a stunning Bobbin Birdie from a local cycle shop in my hometown. I adore this bike and was lucky enough to write a review in a cycle feature for the paper (The Leigh Times).

Below I’ve included the article along with lots of photos which highlight all her best angles! Any questions, please ask. I searched the internet for months reading countless reviews to find the perfect bike, but nothing quite compares to Bobbin! 

Bobbin Birdie review as featured in The Leigh Times

Here’s the text from the review:

With the wind blowing in my hair, my handbag nestling snugly in her
rectangular wicker basket and my palms grasping tightly around her soft
brown handlebars, I was off on my first expedition. Gracefully gliding along
Southend seafront, it was a match made in heaven with my Bobbin Birdie, who
turned heads with her gleaming appearance.
But deciding on what bike to invest in wasn’t so easy. ‘What style?’ ‘What
size?’ and ‘What colour?’ where just the beginning of countless questions I
was to ask myself as I trawled the internet looking for ‘the one’.
Just like the saying says, love appears when you least expect it. Stepping
off the train at Southend Central station…there she was, like love at first
sight. A bright, shiny exterior caught my eye as the light bounced through
the station windows and onto her flamingo pink frame. Two large sturdy
wheels held her perfect posture, with a soft vintage-style brown saddle and
dainty bell, which rang out inviting me to take a closer look.
Her home was The Comfy Saddle, a brand new biking paradise, where she stood
proudly amongst her brothers and sisters of different colours and styles.
Eager to help me decide which style and size suited me best, bike expert
Neil was at hand advising me through every step, re-adjusting her saddle and
handlebars to suit my 5”8 frame.
To complete the finished look and to make sure I was well protected on the
road, I tried out a shiny silver helmet and rectangular wicker basket,
nothing of which was too much trouble for The Comfy Saddle.
Leaving the shop one happy camper, I was advised to return in six weeks for
a free service to make sure everything was working as it should.
One month on and she still rides as perfectly and easily as when I first
bought her. I told myself I’d cycle at least twice a week, but now not even
a day goes by when a flash of pink isn’t seen flying along the seafront.

The Spec:
Colours: Flamingo Pink / Gloss Red / Sky Blue
Frame: Steel, Sizes 17”,19” & 21”
Wheels: Nippy 26”
Gears: 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub
Weight: Approx 14kg

If pink isn’t quite your colour, or you’d like to discover other shapes and
styles, The Comfy Saddle stock a range of Bobbin bikes and accessories for
you to test out today.

Click here for The Comfy Saddle’s Facebook and Twitter.
Click here to find out more about Bobbin Bikes.

Photos of some Bobbin adventures:

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    Lauren Blenkinsop
    16th August 2013 at 2:19 pm

    It's so pretty I want one! x

    • Reply
      16th August 2013 at 2:36 pm

      I think you should. Then we can be Bobbin buddies and ride together town the seafront.

      (I genuinely think you should get one soon, so get saving buddy!)x

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