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    A Gluten Free Weekend in Paris


    When you think of Paris and food, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Baguette. Croissant. Pastries. Eclairs. Basically bloody delicious baked goods, which is hell on earth for an coeliac or someone with a gluten intolerance. But believe it or not, now 2017 has come around, Paris is in a pretty damn good place for gluten free. The last time I visited this beautiful city was years ago, before I was diagnosed, and when a problem with gluten…

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    Gluten Free @ Chiswick Fire Station

    No.197 Chiswick Fire Station is one of those places that you just want your house to look like one day. Beautiful surfaces, huge cacti, swede sofas and fun art prints. That…

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    Spring Lunch at The Ivy Soho Brasserie

    There’s never a dull day in Soho. I take for granted that I get to be here everyday. There’s always such an array of people; visiting, working, sight-seeing. Having worked here…

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    A Spring Afternoon at Kew

    Every weekend I try to do something a bit different in London. I’ve lived here almost three years having moved for work from Essex, and in the early days it was easy…